Technology as a Tool

July 9th, 2009

We must recognize that all of these fancy new computers coming out are just the same as they were before. They need to remain a tool. It is so easy to let the new inventions in our life take precedence over our life. I have realized that one reason I haven’t been amazing in college, is because I forget the talents that God gave me. Instead, I use my computer to look up facts and research topics in school, when I don’t use my head first. This is the wrong approach. I have failed to recognize this for the past three years. Creative thought, Intellectual thought, Emotional thought, Spiritual thought, etc. all starts with a human being. No Computer will ever be more powerful than the human brain. God designed us so uniquely that we have free will, dreams, opinions, etc. These are things that machines will never be able to have. The intricacies are too complex, yet computer’s will remain much more powerful in the number crunching arena.

Changing the way Developers Think

July 9th, 2009

In this day and age, thousands of programming languages exist as well as millions of problems waiting to be solved. As a developer, you must be armed with the right weapon to slay the evolving binary dragon. Some of these tools will be explored in coders community.

In some more specific career paths, it may be necessary to take extra courses in math, science, and engineering to fully understand some of these problems. One of the languages that Coders Community wants to incorporate as soon as possible is Matlab and Labview. These are very different tools then what most of us are used to, but in the realm of scientific computing and robotics they are invaluable or priceless.

Hello world!

July 6th, 2009

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